New Collaboration Tools in QuantAQ Cloud: Organizations and Networks

Easily deploy, manage, and collaborate across multiple networks of air quality sensors.

New Collaboration Tools in QuantAQ Cloud: Organizations and Networks

We believe that when it comes to air quality monitoring, collaboration should be easy. When it’s simple to work in groups to gather high-quality data and turn it into actionable insight, we’ll all make more progress - faster - in improving health and climate outcomes.

That’s why today we’re announcing two new ways users can collaborate within the QuantAQ Cloud: features we’re calling Organizations and Networks. These new features will make it much simpler to manage and share air quality insight.

Read on for the full run-down:

Easier sensor management

Today, when we send new sensors to a customer, they’re registered to an individual person’s account. We heard from customers that this caused a headache when someone wanted to hand over a project or when people changed positions. So instead, sensor ownership will be assigned to Organizations.

An organization is the foundation of collaboration in our system. Organizations own devices (i.e., air quality sensors) and are administered by one or more administrators. Within organizations, you can add colleagues, transfer ownership, and distribute sensors among projects.

Better tools to fit real-world deployments

We also heard that teams and companies need more flexibility to manage multiple projects (some with different groups of collaborators) within the same dashboard. Our new Networks tool lets you organize, label, and provide shared access to each group of sensors - whether you work on one project or dozens.

Networks group together related devices that are generally deployed in the same geographic area or for a similar application.

What’s changing and when

From today, Organizations and Networks will entirely replace the existing Teams feature. You can access Teams until November 17, 2023, after which it will be removed from the QuantAQ Cloud. These changes do not impact current pricing, or remove any ability to share devices.

What comes next

We’re pleased with this first step towards better collaboration within QuantAQ Cloud, but are even more excited about what these changes will enable in the future. We’re busy adding improvements to our analysis tools now that Networks are in place, starting with much-requested features like AQ Maps for specific Networks.