AAAR 2022

The 2022 American Association of Aerosol Research conference is set to take place in Raleigh, North Carolina from October 3rd - 7th, 2022. If you're attending and interested in learning about how QuantAQ's professional-grade air quality sensors can be used to understand building ventilation, sources of urban air pollution, or be used to help community organizations obtain actionable air quality data, check out the talks below!

To access the presentations, check out the AAAR 2022 conference website.

Talks co-authored by QuantAQ

  1. Multi-Day Evolution or Organic Aerosol Mass and Composition from Biomass Burning Emissions. ABRAHAM DEARDEN, Ali Akherati, Charles He, Christopher Lim, David Hagan, Christopher Cappa, Jesse Kroll, Jeffrey R. Pierce, Shantanu Jathar, Colorado State University [5BC.6]
  2. Using Low-Cost Sensors to Assess the Impact of Outdoor Air Pollution on Indoor Air Quality of Buildings with Intake of 100% Ambient Air. DANIEL ALVARADO-VELEZ, Sabrina Westgate, Eben Cross, David Hagan, Nga Lee Ng, Georgia Institute of Technology. [8IA.5]
  3. Multi-year Gas and Particle Sensor Observations in Rural and Urban Malawi. ASHLEY BITTNER, Eben Cross, David Hagan, Jared Bowden, Jason West, Tim Glotfelty, Andrew Grieshop, North Carolina State University. [8RA.5]

Talks about or using QuantAQ sensors

  1. Performance of Nephelometric and OPC-based Lower-Cost Monitors in Dusty and Desert-Influenced Environments. R. SUBRAMANIAN, Mohammed Ayoub, Shamjad Moosakutty, Rami Alfarra, Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute [6IM.6]
  2. Using a Network of Low-Cost Sensors to Characterize Seasonal, Building, and Occupancy Patterns in Indoor Air Quality Across a University Campus. SABRINA WESTGATE, Nga Lee Ng, Georgia Institute of Technology. [8IA.4]

Other Interesting Talks

At 8:05 AM on Tuesday, John Volckens will be giving a plenary talk on Low-Cost sensors that should be worth waking up early for!

Don't forget to stop by the QuantAQ Booth, located at Booth #13.