AAAR 2021

The 2021 American Association of Aerosol Research conference is currently taking place in Internet-land. If you're attending and interested in learning about how QuantAQ's low-cost, professional-grade air quality sensors can be used to understand building ventilation, sources of urban air pollution, or be used to help community organizations obtain actionable air quality data, check out the talks below!

To access the presentations, check out the AAAR 2021 conference website.

Talks Co-Authored by QuantAQ

  1. Air Partners: Community-Driven Air Monitoring, Mitigation, and Collaborative Governance in Boston, MA. SCOTT HERSEY, Allison Busa, Abigail Fry, Maia Materman, Megan Ku, Miranda McMillen, Francelis Morillo Suarez, Eben Cross, David Hagan, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering [4ST.2]
  2. Quantifying Temporal Ventilation Trends in Indoor Air Quality in University Buildings Using Professional Grade Low-Cost Sensors. SABRINA WESTGATE, Daniel Alvarado-Velez, Eben Cross, David Hagan, Nga Lee Ng, Georgia Institute of Technology [51A.3]
  3. Understanding Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Implications of 100% Fresh (Ambient) Air Ventilation System. ALVARADO-VELEZ DANIEL, Sabrina Westgate, Eben Cross, David Hagan, Nga Lee Ng, Georgia Institute of Technology [51A.8]
  4. Understanding the Sources of Urban Air Quality Using Low-Cost Air Quality Sensors. LAURA YANG, David Hagan, Jean Rivera-Rios, Zahra Shivji, Eben Cross, Chris Peng, Jennifer Kaiser, Nga Lee Ng, Georgia Institute of Technology [6IM.2]
  5. Performance of a Hybrid Lower-Cost PM Monitor in West Africa. JULIEN BAHINO, Michael R. Giordano, Eben Cross, James Nimo, Allison Hughes, Emmanuel Appoh, Christian Sewor, Kofi Amegah, Daniel Westervelt, Isaiah Tuolienuo, Melanie A Jackson, Stefani Penn, Rob Pinder, Arsene Ochou, Veronique Yoboue, Matthias Beekmann, R. Subramanian, OSU-EFLUVE, LISA/CNRS, UPEC, ENPC, UP [6IM.5]